Authentic Puffs Inspired by Nature

Flavor Charmed N-salt Disposable Vape Device

Onemore C1 is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable vape device, featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism with 5% nicotine salt(2% nicotine salt with 2 ml version). Requiring no filling, charging, or maintenance, this is a closed convenient system for easy carrying everywhere.
The Onemore C1 -Everlasting flavor master.

Optimal Airflow, Awesome Flavor

The built-in 1.8 ohm coil can quickly heat and vaporize the e-liquid to the greatest extent.
With optimal airflow design, the Onemore C1 can provide you with no burnt taste, a pleasant nic-salt throat hit, and authentic taste.

Auto-Draw & 3.5V Constant Output

Onemore C1 has an auto-draw system, simply puff to activate the device. At 3.5V constant voltage output, Onemore C1 guarantees you consistent flavor throughout the last puff.

Long Lasting Performance

This disposable device is backed by a 500 mAh battery and a big pod capacity of 3.5 ml , which can deliver up to 800 puffs;
while the 2 ml TPD version is backed by a 320 mAh battery and can deliver up to 500 puffs.
The stable function allows you even the most avid vaper satisfied all day.

500 mAh

3.5 ml

up to 800 puffs

320 mAh

2.0 ml

up to 500 puffs

Enjoy Convenient Vaping

It is very convenient to operate the Onemore C1, just pull out the silicone plug and wait for 1 minute, then you can draw to vape without recharging and setting the wattage or voltage.

Lightweight and Portable

The sleek design makes Onemore C1 very lightweight and portable, which is travel-friendly and can easily slip in your pocket or purse.

Unique and Tasty Flavor Options

Comes in 7 unique and tasty flavors that adults prefer.
Mint, Lemon Tea, Butter Tobacco,  Mango Peach, Berry Mix, Banana Ice and Coco Melona.


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